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Oriol Balaguer


The creative fingerprints of the award-winning Catalan pastry chef, Oriol Balaguer, are all over the range of confectionary on offer at the Cap Vermell Beach Club, a partnership that has a long history.

Balaguer inherited his passion for pastry work from his parent, a master pastry chef. He trained at the Pastry Guild School in Barcelona and worked at the very best confectioner’s in Spain and Belgium.

Best Spanish Confectionary Master Craftsman

For seven years, he was part of Ferran Adrià’s team, an internationally known cook who said that Balaguer was one of the most well-rounded professionals in gastronomy. When he was just 21 years old, he was honoured as the Best Spanish Confectionary Master Craftsman.

An inventor of sweet delights, Balaguer has used his own brand to create an exceptional culinary heritage whose recipe book combines innovation and quality. His creations have a great visual impact that blends expertise and experience. 

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