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Historia de Cap Vermell, Cuevas de Artá


The Cap Vermell Beach Hotel is found in a coastal area of Mallorca that is replete with historical culture and heritage. Its past is marked by the memory of a family of entrepreneurs, that of Miguel Garau, the first ‘talaier’ (tower guard) who was entrusted with using and maintaining the d’en Massot watchtower, built at Cap Vermell in 1577.

As late as the middle of the 20th century, it was generations of his descendants that were finally released from the position of ‘talaier’ and who then went on to take over new roles, becoming the first guides to the Artà Caves.

The restaurant in Canyamel

In 1906, one of them decided to move their home from Artà to Canyamel, occupying what had been, long ago, a small house in Es Pins de des Vegues, very close to the sea. It was there that he came up with the idea of a meals service for visitors to the caves - an idea which was later put into action. It was a project that evolved into a small restaurant in 1934 with the name ‘Restaurante Cuevas’. Its specialities were paella, fried fish, and chicken dishes.

Nearly 20 years later, in 1951, the restaurant expanded to include a hostel. Its foundations and walls are the very same that today shelter the guests at the Cap Vermell Beach Hotel, an updated and refurbished establishment that takes its traditional role and history seriously. The name of its restaurant, Vintage 1934, pays homage to the founding year of the first hostel that came into being to serve its guests.

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